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Child Protection Program

The child protection program involves all activities that are conducted so as to ensure that children within the community especially those who belong to the mothers attached to the project have sufficient access to the rights that are granted unto them especially by the law, for example, a right to…

Women Education Program

Empowering women is the core passion of UWOPED and thus as an organization, we are always ready to bear through situations with them as long as the results of our investment in empowering them are clear to the community we live in. The empowerment program is actually ran through arenas…

Poverty Eradication Program

Many African mothers have been a victim to cases of absolute poverty because they have received less knowledge about how they can use what they have (Gifts) to make a living. For this reason as an organization, we have introduced many skills-based pieces of training where mothers are empowered alongside…

Family Feeding program

A family that can access food is a family that has got the ability to survive and see hat tomorrow has for them thus as an organization, UWOPED is very passionate when it comes to the work of participating in the community feeding programs by providing food to mothers occasionally…


UWOPED is an independent organization so no other organization supports it right now except individual donors so no one should receive any funding on behalf of UWOPED.

No donation coming to support UWOPED programs or projects is received by any third party and if anyone wants to partner or support our programs they should email to nakalembebrenda1@gmail.com for directions on how to send their funding.