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Poverty Eradication Program

Poverty Eradication Program

Many African mothers have been a victim to cases of absolute poverty because they have received less knowledge about how they can use what they have (Gifts) to make a living. For this reason as an organization, we have introduced many skills-based pieces of training where mothers are empowered alongside girls the different skills that can enable them to make a living accordingly. for example, they are consistently given tailoring classes, Art and craft classes, liquid soap making classes which they are able to execute on a low budget for example with only 200$ each mother is able to at least start up one of the above programs listed.


UWOPED is an independent organization so no other organization supports it right now except individual donors so no one should receive any funding on behalf of UWOPED.

No donation coming to support UWOPED programs or projects is received by any third party and if anyone wants to partner or support our programs they should email to nakalembebrenda1@gmail.com for directions on how to send their funding.