Women Education Program

Empowering women is the core passion of UWOPED and thus as an organization, we are always ready to bear through situations with them as long as the results of our investment in empowering them are clear to the community we live in. The empowerment program is actually ran through arenas like the functional adult learning classes(FAL) classes classes where they are taught how to read and write as a way of helping them to work and build self-esteem because we have a belief that as long as women are confident to speak before others, then no one can take advantage of them since they are able to speak out when things go wrong,computer training which consists of packages like microsoft word,excell,axes,internet use etc and this is done in a period of six months with the help of a qualified teacher who is paid monthly for his service,fashion and design,cosmotology and beauty,industrial Ars.. Women’s Education program can be boasted and grown with monthly support of 80$.