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Family Feeding program

Family Feeding program

A family that can access food is a family that has got the ability to survive and see hat tomorrow has for them thus as an organization, UWOPED is very passionate when it comes to the work of participating in the community feeding programs by providing food to mothers occasionally so as to enable them to have something that can enable them to live on through to the next day. This program is quite fulfilling since after seeing how these single mothers are happy, you come to a point of discovering that small to a rich man’s eyes may be something too big in a poor man’s eyes. Feed a family that is unable to stand on its own with a monthly contribution of 100$ and make a difference in the world.


UWOPED is an independent organization so no other organization supports it right now except individual donors so no one should receive any funding on behalf of UWOPED.

No donation coming to support UWOPED programs or projects is received by any third party and if anyone wants to partner or support our programs they should email to nakalembebrenda1@gmail.com for directions on how to send their funding.