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Women Agricultural Project

Women Agricultural Project

UWOPED is fundraising money to start up an organic agricultural project for 450 mothers who are being affected by the lock down and live in the slums of Kampala city center and other slums around wakiso district where we operate as an organization .As an organization during this covid19 period we were blessed by well wisher who donated three acres of land to us and we saw this as an opportunity to start an organic agricultural project to benefit the vulnerable mothers and children in the communities where we operate since these people up to now haven’t been able to be in position to work In response to the presidential directive for a lock down due to covid19, these mothers can no longer afford to carry out their businesses because they no longer have capital for business due to usage of business capital on survival ie eating food, medication, shelter among others,and they cant as well work from the streets around Kampala where they used to part time since the government have restricted them to work from their for health purposes and also because they are among the few groups who haven’t been yet permitted to resume work by the ministry of health in Uganda. For starters we would want this organic agricultural project to be in position to provide food to the families of our mothers during this prolonged lock down, at least we will be sure that they wont sleep on empty stomachs. Thus later we hope to open up a processing company for organic products that would be for sale hence acting as a source of income for these mothers.

With a contribution of 30$ per mother for 450 , a total of 13500$ would be the total budget for the project to start and cover the targeted number of mothers in plan. The collected money shall be account ably spent on items like, Hoes,slashers,seeds,watering cans,hiring organic agricultural experts,gum boats etc Thank you so much and please continue to support us.


UWOPED is an independent organization so no other organization supports it right now except individual donors so no one should receive any funding on behalf of UWOPED.

No donation coming to support UWOPED programs or projects is received by any third party and if anyone wants to partner or support our programs they should email to nakalembebrenda1@gmail.com for directions on how to send their funding.