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Women Agricultural Project

UWOPED is fundraising money to start up an organic agricultural project for 450 mothers who are being affected by the lock down and live in the slums of Kampala city center and other slums around wakiso district where we operate as an organization .As an organization during this covid19 period…

Beatrice’s Support

Support Beatrice today with only 30$ so as enable her gain access to the best training which is essential in Hair dressing and Saloon when it comes to skills development.She is one of the vulnerable girls that are attached to UWOPED with an age of 17 years, and has been…

Lillian’s Support

Donate 30$ towards her training in tailoring and fashion designing so as to enable her deliver professional services in a field of specialization. Lillian is one of the vulnerable girls that are attached to UWOPED, and we have been with her now for a period of one year since she…

Meditation Program

UWOPED in partnership with AW AGO had established a platform where mothers can access means of having peace amidst difficult situations because its only a peaceful mind that can exercise creativity and thus plan adequately. Transcendental meditation is a program where mothers can concentrate and think about something positive that…

HIV Counselling & Guidance

As a community-based organization, we have been constantly faced with situations where at least out of every ten women you have five are HIV positive and this puts us into a task where we have to ensure that these mothers living positively are able to handle any form of isolation…


UWOPED is an independent organization so no other organization supports it right now except individual donors so no one should receive any funding on behalf of UWOPED.

No donation coming to support UWOPED programs or projects is received by any third party and if anyone wants to partner or support our programs they should email to nakalembebrenda1@gmail.com for directions on how to send their funding.